Got Your Landing Page?

Hello reThink Partners,

I hope you are having a great April so far. One of my roles is to act as your FREE marketing manager. So, I’m putting on my marketing hat and want to briefly discuss the benefits of getting the DataProtection DynamiX Landing page on your website (many of you have already done so and have seen a positive impact–others have not done so yet (so I’m trying to motivate you!).


If you don’t have the product on your website (best to use our SEO optimized sample landing page), then I won’t be able to send you leads (prospects won’t see anything that says reThink Trust or DataProtection DynamiX on it). In addition, I won’t be able to add you to the reThinkTrust partner locator (which will also help you to get leads).

Also, without using the SEO optimized you are missing out on local organic leads.

The instructions to get the product on your website include a sample landing page that has been massively optimized for SEO. If you follow those instructions, you will show up on the first page—in fact, everyone who has followed them is showing up on the FIRST position on the FIRST page–so it works!

Plus, the lessons learned helped many of the partners to do an amazing SEO job on the rest of their pages. Again, these prospects are HUNTING for a solution—so they are the most motivated prospects you can find. Here is the sample landing page.


The person who helped me set up this landing page and much of the partner program is one of the TOP marketers in the world (He wrote the marketing plan and launched Netscape, formed Red Storm with Tom Clancy, launched AOL with Steve Case, was a VP at GE, Sr. VP Motorola and launched some of the biggest channels in the world (15 divisions of Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Intel, Citrix, Adobe, Autodesk plus over 400 other companies)–so we’ve got GREAT marketing items to help you.

This stuff WORKS!

Next Steps

Our next step after the product is on your website, is typically an email blast (we have a template for you in the portal) announcing that you now carry the product, and the email will drive people to YOUR product landing page (on your website). Here is the template:

I’m setting up the Webinar software and will be announcing dates (typically at least once a week). You invite the prospects, I can give the dog and pony show, and I can follow-up to show how to generate a quote and help close the deal (and help some companies generate even more sales and thrive on trust (not just survive)).

Need help?

Fortunately, if it is in WordPress, I can help–I’m fairly proficient in WordPress. If you’re willing, you can pass over the login credentials and I’ll put it up for you and we can proof together (it’s an isolated page–so it won’t hurt your site).

I’m your primary channel contact, but I am also your own personal Marketing Manager–feel free to use me. I can also send you a DETAILED analysis of your SEO page once you have it setup (see sample report in the portal). If you follow these instructions–it works, EVERY TIME!

I hope this helped you see how important it is to get the product on your website (hopefully using the pre-optimized landing page). Again, I am YOUR free marketing manager and I can help with any of this.

Thanks in advance (P.S. Let me know when the page is up so I can quickly add you to the reseller locator, or you need help and I can help you tweak it, if it needs it.)

Here’s to your continued success,